VisioForge Video Capture SDK .Net

VisioForge Video Capture SDK .Net 12.1

AVI (using audio/video codecs like MJPEG, DivX, XviD, x264)
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12.1.19 (See all)

- Preview
- Video capture to
o AVI (using audio/video codecs like MJPEG, DivX, XviD, x264)
o WMV (support of custom WMV profiles. You can configure streams to use variable bit rate encoding (VBR), uncompressed audio or video stream, video size, buffer size, frame rate, etc.)
o DV and MPEG from DV/HDV Camcorders and TV Tuners with internal MPEG Encoder (DirectCapture technology)
o DV (from any video capture device)
o MPEG-1/2/4 (including VCD/SVCD/DVD profiles) and FLV using FFMPEG wrapper
o WebM
o custom output formats (using 3rd-party DirectShow filters)
- Audio capture to
o WAV (compressed or not)
o MP3 (using LAME)
- Frame capture to Bitmap class, BMP, JPEG and PNG files
- Video processing and effects
o graphic overlay
o text overlay
o video transparency
o brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, etc.
o deinterlace
o denoise
o resize to any resolution
o chroma-key
o 3-rd party DirectShow filters support
- Audio processing and effects
o volume booster
o equalizer
o 3D-bass system
- TV Tuning
o TV channels selecting
o video formats selecting
o input selection (TV-Tuner, FM-Tuner, S-Video, etc.)
o TV frequency overrides
o auto-tuning
- Video capture device control
o video input (crossbar interface)
o video format
o frame rate
o supports video cards with several inputs
o camera control (brightness, saturation, etc.)
- Network streaming in WMV format
- Motion detection
- Custom interfaces support
- OSD (On-Screen Display)
- PIP (Picture-In-Picture)
- Screen capture
- Multiply output screens support
- AForge.Net integrated
- GPU-accelerated video effects using OpenCL
- Full WinForms and WPF applications support

Supported input devices
- DV and HDV MPEG-2 camcorders
- USB web-cameras and other capture devices
- PCI capture cards
- TV Tuners (with and without internal MPEG Encoder)
cameras, HD cams supported
- Audio capture devices and sound cards

Development platforms
- Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005/2008/2010: Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual Basic .NET
- may be used with other .Net compatible applications like Microsoft Access, Word, Excel, FrontPage, etc.

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